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When was the last time you used all five of your senses? At the same time? Why not visit The Far East, a kaleidoscope of exotic sights, sounds, tastes and experiences (we think that covers all five but who's counting)? From the beauty and tranquility of ancient temples, to the distinctive flavors of the curries and satays at a Bangkok cafe, to world-class shopping in the bustling open-air markets of Hong Kong—we can't wait to give you the chance to create your own adventure in one of the world's most amazing destinations.


  • Admire the view from the world’s tallest building (1,671 ft.) in Taiwan
  • Shop 'til you drop in Hong Kong’s bustling open-air markets
  • Sample exotic curries and satays in a post-colonial Bangkok café
  • Explore some of the world’s most beautiful temples in Cambodia
  • Barter over batiks, silks and sarongs in Singapore's famed Arab Street

Places Of Interest

Hong kong, China

Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong is a city of contrasts. Behold Rolls-Royces parked next to bicycle taxis, small sampans beside giant container ships, street-side food stalls alongside four-star restaurants and sleek skyscrapers facing bamboo huts. But this bustling, modern city with luxury shopping, superb cuisine and dazzling scenery lures over 13 million tourists yearly. Why? One visit and you'll be saying why not.


At first, the skyscrapers, modern malls, and fast-food chains conjure a large American city. But just close your eyes for moment and a whiff of fresh spices from an open-air market and the sound of an imam calling the faithful to prayer will conjure an image like you've never seen before. Now open your eyes or you might get run over by a rickshaw on its way to Arab Street's small shops. Sip a gin sling on the porch of a colonial-era hotel. As seasoned travelers say, "In Singapore, nothing is as it appears."
Nha Trang, Vietnam

Nha Trang, Vietnam

Khanh Hoa Province's capital is known as Vietnam's ocean city—and with its arched, white-sand beach and crystal clear waters, one can see why. Plenty of first-class cafés and restaurants can be found along the beach, serving cool drinks, fresh seafood and reasonable prices. For hot days and hotter nights, Nha Trang is not to be missed.
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